Most motion sensors available in today’s market are based on multi-chip technology developed in the 1980s. In this approach, the mechanical sensor (MEMS) and the drive electronics (IC) are manufactured in different facilities using different processing techniques. The two chips are tested separately and then wired together during packaging.


The disadvantages of this approach include the size and cost of two chips, the cost and capacity constraints of specialized MEMS fabrication and the performance limitations of interconnecting two separate chips into a single package.

mCube has developed a unique monolithic single-chip MEMS technology allowing for extremely cost-effective, high performance motion sensors. With the mCube approach, the MEMS sensors are fabricated directly on top of the IC electronics in a standard CMOS fabrication facility. Advantages of this monolithic approach include smaller size, higher performance, lower cost, and the ability to integrate multiple sensors onto a single-chip.

mCube Monolithic MEMS

Feature Advantages
Monolithic MEMS on CMOS IC
  • Single-Chip Solution
  • Multi-sensor Integration Platform
  • Simplified Test and Assembly
  • Smaller Package Size
MEMS Fabrication in a CMOS Facility
  • MEMS with CMOS Process Control
  • Higher Quality
  • Better Reliability
  • Cost Effective Production
Thick Silicon MEMS
  • Improved Signal to Noise Ratio
  • Lower Power Consumption
Through-Silicon Electrical Contacts
  • Improved Performance
  • Lower Parasitics
Hermetically Sealed MEMS
  • Improved Performance and Reliability
  • Allows for Diverse Range of Applications