MC3672 3-Axis Accelerometer Overview

The MC3672 is an ultra-low power, low noise, integrated digital output 3-axis accelerometer with a feature set optimized for wearables and the Internet of Moving Things (IoMT) devices in a 1.1×1.3mm WLCSP package. With its low power modes and tiny footprint this accelerometer extends sensor battery life and reduces the space required for the sensor by up to 3X. Low noise and low power are inherent in the monolithic fabrication approach, where the MEMS accelerometer is integrated in a single-chip with the electronics integrated circuit. The internal sample rate can be set from 14 to 1300 samples / second. Specific tap or sample acquisition conditions can trigger an interrupt to a remote MCU. Alternatively, the device supports the reading of sample and event status via polling.

Tech Specs

Part # Description Acceleration Digital Output # Bits Supply Current Package / Case Package (sqmm)
MC3672 3-Axis Accelerometer 2g, 4g, 8g, 12g, 16g 8, 10, 12-bit with FIFO; 14-bit single sample 0.9uA WLCSP-8 1.1x1.3
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