mCube Ships the First Smart Accelerometer for the Next Generation of Smartphones, Wearables, and IoT

  •  Embedded intelligence provides high precision at extremely low power
  • Includes an integrated high-performance pedometer and gesture processing unit
  • Optimized for smartphones, smart watches and IoT devices

SAN JOSE, CA – October 3, 2017mCube, the provider of the world’s smallest MEMS motion sensors, today announced the sampling of its latest accelerometer, MC3451, a new generation of sensors that integrates embedded intelligence to enable innovative applications in smartphones, wearables, and IoT markets. The MC3451 accelerometer provides a wide range of unique functions and features such as pedometer and gesture recognition, as well as lowering overall system power consumption through managing initial processing without involvement of an application processor or sensor hub for longer battery life.

As the newest member of mCube’s MC34xx family of intelligent accelerometers, the MC3451 is built upon the company’s award-winning 3D monolithic single-chip MEMS technology platform, and integrates 2K bytes of First-In, First-Out (FIFO) space and logic operations. In addition, the FIFO space can be used by the logic unit as temporary data space for an arithmetic operation. The logic unit features 8K bytes of memory space for static access memory and allows updates at any time. These features allow the MC3451 to meet the growing requirements of smartphones and smart watches for improved functionality and differentiation.

The MC3451 contains a high-precision pedometer algorithm for walking and running that can reach up to 95% accuracy. The pedometer algorithm maintains high accuracy during a phone call or in different motion environments (i.e. a car, subway train, or an elevator). With the pedometer becoming a standard function in smartphones and smart watches, the MC3451 is the best solution for mainstream smartphone segment. In addition to the pedometer function, the MC3451 provides gesture recognition functions such as display brightness control in multiple applications.

Featuring lower cost, lower power consumption, high precision, multi-function and package compatibility with the MC3413 2mm x 2mm LGA product, the MC3451 makes the product
design process fast and flexible. The MC3451 is available for sampling in Q4 2017.

Internet of Moving Things
By 2020, analysts predict more than 50 billion1 devices will be connected to the Internet and a large percentage of those devices will be in motion. From smartphones and tablets to smart
clothing and wearables, mCube is enabling a new era called the “Internet of Moving Things,” where the movement and context of everyday objects and devices can be measured,
monitored and analyzed, generating valuable data and insights that will transform consumer experiences.

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