mCube MEMS Motion Sensors Enable SensFit Habit+ Band

New Smart Band Helps Develop Healthy Habits

San Jose, CA – June 8, 2019 mCube, the provider of the world’s smallest and lowest power MEMS motion sensor solutions today announced the new SensFit™ Habit+ Band is enabled by mCube’s low-power MEMS motion sensors. The Habit+ Band incorporates AI algorithms in an innovative design to help promote healthy habits by monitoring face touches, exercise, sleep, heart rate, and hand washing. The integrated low-power, high-precision motion sensing functions provide alerts and analytics to help monitor and create a healthy lifestyle. The band records and synchronizes progress in the SensFit App on iOS or Android smart phone.

Using advanced motion algorithms and rich experience on system applications, the mCube team worked closely with SensFit to develop and productize AI algorithms for the Habit+ Band. These include alerts and analytics include hand movements near a person’s face, exercise, sleep, and hand washing motions. All these activities are aligned with the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations to reduce the risk of contracting viruses, including Coronavirus and seasonal influenza. The advanced analytics and reminders help users create an awareness to become more conscious of their activity and improve behavior. mCube CEO Ben Lee said, “We are proud of our contribution to the SensFit Habit+ band and excited to see our technology being deployed to help people develop healthy habits amidst the COVID-19 pandemic”.

About mCube
mCube is a technology leader in sensor design, sensor module design and total sensor solutions for the Internet of Moving Things. mCube makes the smallest and lowest power MEMS motion sensors in the world, with over 600 million cumulative sensor units delivered globally. mCube sensors are widely used in consumer electronics, smart medical and industrial fields. With Xsens sensor fusion solutions, mCube enables a seamless interaction between the physical and the digital world in applications such as industrial control and stabilization, health, sports and 3D character animation. For more information, visit Follow mCube on Twitter @mcubemems.

 About SensFit
SensFit provides wearable solutions and platforms that promote a healthy lifestyle. Utilizing the latest sensor technology and advanced AI algorithms, SensFit enables powerful insights and analytics that help people build habits to stay healthy. For more information or to purchase a Habit+ Band, visit Follow SensFit on Twitter @SensFitH and on Instagram at @SensFitHealth.

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