Wearable technology refers to a new breed of devices worn by consumers for computing, infotainment or to track information such as their activity, fitness level, and overall wellness and health.  These devices were spawn from the explosive growth of smartphones and tablets where consumers became accustomed to having constant access to data at their finger tips.

At the heart of wearable computing devices are MEMS-based motion sensors that can detect, monitor, report and analyze user activity.  Using motion sensors, wearable gadgets are transformed into powerful hands-free, always-on, and convenient devices that can:

  • Monitor and measure running, jogging, walking, biking, skiing, etc.
  • Measure repetitive counts such as weight lifting
  • Monitor heart rate and pulse
  • Manage power savings
  • Sense proximity
  • Navigation

Because wearable computing devices are either incorporated into items of clothing or accessories such as glasses, watches, headbands or belts, they need to be:

  • Extremely low power
  • Very small
  • Inexpensive for mainstream consumption

mCube uniquely meets those requirements by developing innovative motion sensors that provide the smallest form factor, lowest cost and highest level of integration on the market. This allows wearable manufacturers to bring to market new wearable devices that are highly functional and beautifully designed.