Geomagnetic sensors determine orientation based on the earth’s magnetic field. Many popular consumer devices today incorporate these magnetic sensors to enable accurate directional pointing for map orientation and navigation applications. mCube's magnetic sensor technology provides a significant improvement in pointing accuracy in comparison to today’s Hall Effect technology. This means mCube solutions can make accurate navigation a dependable feature for mobile devices.

On the other hand, a gyroscope, or commonly called “gyro”, measures the rotation rate of a device. While the gyro’s functionality significantly enhances the user experience for gaming on mobile devices, the cost, power consumption and board space required has limited its applicability to only the most expensive mobile devices. mCube has solved that limitation by developing a complete software-based gyro, called the iGyro™, that can bring 9DoF motion gaming and augmented reality experiences to Android phone and tablet users, while cutting the power, cost and board space in half compared to hardware-based discrete solutions.

The new mCube iGyro™ virtual rotation sensor uses accelerometer and magnetometer measurements to estimate rotational rates about all three axes. This supports the computation of rotation rates, creating a virtual nine degrees of freedom sensor, with significantly lower power consumption and cost than a sensor package incorporating a hardware gyro.

Mfr. Part # Description Acceleration Digital Output # Bits Supply Current Package / Case Package (sqmm)  
MC6470 6-Axis eCompass 2,4,8,16 g 14 bit 110-730 uA LGA-12 2x2